As part of the family-owned Works and Building Co. , Al-Qatami Insulation Materials Factory represents one of the most respected and progressive names in insulation worldwide. Al-Qatami Insulation originally entered the Arab market in the late sixties, with a focus on insulated foam. and thereby acquiring most of the GCC Countries activities of Owens Corning, Al-Qatami Insulation has quickly grown into the world's fastest-growing insulation manufacturer with full ownership of its activities since 1992. The fastest-growing and innovative insulation supplier In order to offer a wider range of solutions, Al-Qatami Insulation acquired good reputation in Kuwait and GCC Countries. The company is rapidly expanding its insulation manufacturing activities with the roll-out of new manufacturing sites across the world for both insulated foam and sandwich panel wool, also upgrading its existing facilities to increase output and cost efficiency. Today, Al-Qatami Insulation is the fastest growing and one of the largest insulation manufacturers in the Middle East offering a wide range of insulation materials to meet the growing demand for energy efficiency and acoustic performance in new and existing homes, commercial buildings and industrial applications. Now, Al-Qatami Insulation has around 150 employees active in several factories in Kuwait. A wide range of solutions for all your needs. Al-Qatami Insulation solutions include extruded polystyrene (XPS), expanded polystyrene (EPS) and sandwich panel. We offer a wide range of solutions to meet your insulation needs for new and existing buildings, industrial applications (power and chemical plants, refineries and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) as well as OEM products for other specific applications (sandwich panels, automotive, domestic appliances, acoustic barriers, fire doors, solar panels, etc.)Saving energy for our environment Al-Qatami Insulation is committed to sustainable development and conservation of the environment. We manufacture products using a high percentage of recycled materials. The high compression of our packaging reduces fuel consumption in the transport of products to our customers. Our production lines are equipped with the most technically advanced manufacturing and testing facilities in the world, enabling us to supply superior quality mineral wool while reducing CO2 emissions.

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