Cartonal Sheet

The Cartonal board is a plastic board compromised of two layers, one on top of the other, spaced and joined together with ribs. Those ribs run the full length of the board at 2-4mm intervals, thus forming a set of adjacent vertical channels. The board comes in a variety of thicknesses

Cartonal boards are not affected by mineral oils, solvents, acids, bases, and salts that are usually found in contaminated water tables and in soil components. Boards do not absorb water which adds to the impermeability of the waterproof membrane. It do not rust, rot corrode, or support bacterial growth.


Cartonal differs from any other materials used in protecting the waterproof membrane. The boards enjoy flexibility that enables its use in tackling corners, protrusions, rounded and uneven surfaces. Boards can be installed easily even by unskilled labor.

On Hot Applied Asphalt Liquid Membrane

Cartonal boards are simply laid down on top of hot asphalt before it cools down.

On Torched Applied Asphalt Membrane

The exposed side of the membrane should be lightly torched in separate spots. When the top exposed layer of the membrane changes into a sticky shiny layer, protection board is applied on to it by gentle pressure. A minimum overlap of 3 to 5cm is recommended.

Concrete curing and Expansion joint for Concrete

A solvent based glue to be applied as an adhering agent between the waterproof membrane and the protection board