Eco Boards

In extremely hot climates, energy demand for the air conditioning is constantly increasing. Using STYROQ EcoBoards as insulation for the buildings is one of the best ways to conserve energy and to achieve good living comfort. STYROQ EcoBoard is a versatile polystyrene foam insulation product offering excellent insulation properties at a low cost with a wide range of available thicknesses & densities for various applications such as roof, cavity wall, and floor insulation. EcoBoard insulation is available in panels with shiplap joints (It has the long term R-Value compared to any other insulation available in the market). It comes in standard size of L 1000 x W500 mm with different thickness that varies from 50 mm to 100 mm; higher thickness can be achieved with multi layers. EcoBoard is normally light blue in color but can be customized to any color as per requirement.

EcoBoards Thermolite Injected Polystyrene Panels are a very effective solution to insulate walls, roofs and basements.

Size: 1000x500x50/75/100mm
Density: 15 – 48 Kgs/m3
With Ship lap

Color: Normally White, Light blue