EPS for Pontoon and Buoy

EPS is popularly known as one of the best materials to manufacture buoys, pontoons and floats as it has excellent physical properties. Moreover, it is light in weight and has good buoyancy and resilience properties.

Generally, Buoys, Pontoons and Floats are working based on Archimedes principle i.e. “Any floating object displaces its own weight of fluid”

Technically speaking there is no standard design, shape or pattern for buoys, pontoons and floats, rather, it is purely customized based on the nature of the application. It is not necessarily that buoys are made only with EPS as core material, nevertheless, if specifications demand STYROQ has the knowhow to manufacture the Buoys with high density PUR either with water proof coating or without coating.

STYROQ offers value added service for buoys. It can be manufactured with extra fittings, handling accessories or with high tensile Steel / PP rope & cloth encapsulation if needed with glossy finish water proof fiber glass coating as well.