EPS Parapet Cornich

Traditional wooden parapet molds are no more existent since they were replaced by expanded polystyrene (EPS) made parapets. This industry shift happened because EPS parapet molds being cost effective, flexible in design and faster in production since it is cut by using High tech CNC Machines with CAD / CAM technology.

The application can be a dwelling, villa, mosque, prayer hall, community hall, shopping complex and office apartments, commercial & residential buildings, arched entrance elevations can’t be imagined without having profiled parapets. Aesthetic look of the above civil structure can be enhanced with special parapet designs.

Styroq has many popular designs which are moving fast in Kuwait, we may provide several standard designs upon request.


16-18 Kg/m3 High densities are possible upon request.

Benefits of Styroq Parapet Moulds