EPS Sheets for Packaging

STYROQ EPS cut sheets or STYROFOAM® EPS sheets have multiple applications as packaging protector. A low-density sheet which has good resilience property can be used for packaging applications. We can fabricate custom EPS packaging, stock packaging products which are designed to protect, insulate and cushion products when stored or shipped.

EPS can be produced to your specific sheet or pad requirements or to any custom shape in various densities. When considering custom shapes, note that our EPS CNC guided fabricating does not require any additional tooling charges, as there are no dies to purchase. It’s all die-cut by computer.

Types of Styroq EPS sheets for packaging

Benefits of Styroq EPS sheets for packaging


can be produced from 8-50 Kgs/M3, special densities can be produced upon request.

Standard thickness:

Possible from 5mm to 1350 mm, the higher thickness can be achieved in multi-layers by bonding.